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June 19, 2012 at 7:09 am

theres this boy that i realllly like, but i guess i have a problem with telling people about him. everyone seems to know, sometimes i feel like ishould just keep my mouth shut, but then this kid that i like  (smith) says he actually likes the attention he gets from girls. we have this “thing” going on where its like we're dating but were not ” boo thang” i guess  but i've never liked someone so much. sometimes i just hate seeing him talk/talk about other girls. he is my bestfriend, but yet we kiss… what the hell is that? he has commitment issues, all he does is lead girls on , and im afraid thats exactly what he did. he doesnt know i like him, but he calls me ” babe and baby ” and yet hes my “bestfriend” but then he tells me stuff about girls he really would like to date, and im like OH -_- i get so jealous. not only that my friend hannie would just talk about him noon stop. like bitch do you like him? she texts him off my phone .. and they continuously flirt … what am i supposed to do ? Cry