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July 12, 2012 at 4:47 pm

So to vent, there is a girl I like and until recently I've neither had the drive, confidence or determination to do anything about it. More a why risk more attitude but in the last month event have changed me and now I have set my sight on winning her heart. Even I say its an impossible but that only driving me more to do it. Now a common friend comes telling me to just give it up, that it'll never happen. I mean this friend has known the girl longer, protected her and pretty much suspect this is just some game to 'get into her pants' as she kindly put it.

So now I'm fighting the odds, a friend who want me to just give it up. A girl who means the world to me but has told me she wouldn't let me in cause she knows she'll just hurt me. There was a time the first sign of difficulty I would just walk away but now…I'm set on this path. And I'll walk it right into hell if that where it leads me but at least at the end I can still know in my heart I did everything. No more regrets. Hope never dies.