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April 6, 2015 at 3:54 pm

I’d like the first point out that yes, I am aware that this is petty and that I am wildly immature for worrying about silly relationship problems like this as many other people have it way worse than me, but screw it I feel horrible and have nobody to talk to. Also this is kind of a ramble so I apologize for misspellings and grammer mistakes, please bear with me.

I dont anyone I can really talk to about everything because everyone who might be considered an option would most definitally talk about my problems because most people seem to think that I either dont mean what I say, what I’m sharing is not very important, or they just dont respect privacy between two people. Because of this I feel like I have to just bottle up my emotions and its made me sort of an irrational and easily irritated person, which helps nobody and frustrates me because someone will just say something that normally wouldnt upset anyone but will tip the scales for me and make me incredibly angry for seemingly no reason. I’ve just really been needing a stranger who I can talk to about things that happen in my life(hopefully this site can solve this problem).

I am friends with mainly boys just because most girls I know dont have the same interests as me, but boys do so I just happen to be friends with mainly boys. I dont particularly have feelings for anyone of them, they are all just my friends whom of which I charish very much because I dont make friends very easily and when I do I’m very loyal. There is another who girl mainly hangs out with boys as well, but she always ends up dating the people she hangs out with(we will call her Annie). It’s not that I’m jealous, because I have no interest in dating any of them. It just really irritates me because whenever she is around EVERYONE just turns into these mindless idiots who want to date her and completely ignore everything else in the world except her. Like I will be having a conversation with one of my friends than she comes along and my friend will forget what we are talking and offer her anything she wants. Another time I was hanging out with one of my friends and he was really cold, so I told him to sit closer to the heater to warm himself up and he refused,  irritated that I would “Boss him around” but then minutes later Annie tells him to sit by the heater to warm himself up and he happily complies! I know this is just one small instant but it happens all the time.

Resently Annie, myself, and two male friends went on a camping trip. Me and the two boys got there earlier to set up the tent and everything, but when Annie showed up, my friends couldnt keep their hands off her! I mean one of them slept with her to “keep her warm.” I get it, people are allowed to have relationships, and I shouldnt get so angry over two friends who might like each over, but I just cant understand how someone could like a girl that just drifts from boy to boy without a second thought! I mean she just juggles a rediculous amount of people around, switching out when she gets bored or finds someone new and they always come back to her. And if she is not the center of attention, she gets super jealous! She will start to complain or act out until all of the boys are paying attention to her again. I’m not looking for a romantic relationship with any of them, but I would like to be able to talk to them while Annie is present, and maybe have her understand that she doesnt have to be in the spotlight all the time.