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February 8, 2013 at 7:42 pm

My life right now is nothing more than a continues jerry springer moment. Where to start? First my ex wife has manipulated me for a year! I thought I was helping her her with her mental issues only to find out that she will have sex with anyone willing to give or get her drugs. On top of that she broke into my home and found me sleeping with.her best friend. Needless to say she went ballistic. Now the girl I slept with was with at the time I guy who is abusive. She helped me realize who my ex truly is and i helped her get out of her situation. She moved in with me for support for her and me. Things I thought were going great. I’m very supportive and i won’t pressure anything. All her friends think I’m amazing including her family. Now I have feelings for this girl cause she truly amazing. She I thought had feelings for me and always says how happy she is to have found me and have me in her life. The kicker was we spoke earlier today and were good but she spoke to het ex who cried that he missed (keep in mind he hits her) her. Now she’s confused and torn so she says. She went to her friends place to have space which I’m okay with however an hour later she calls me and tells me that she is moving in with her uncle which is fine. Five minutes after that she calls me and tells me never to speak to her again no calls , no texts nothing. She says if i need to contact her to go through her psycho ex who is also coming with her tommorrow to get all her stuff. I’m not heartbroken but i am insulted and very disappointed. I am an amazing guy all her girlfriends say that i am a real man and know how to treat women. I haven’t gotten an explanation and she spoke to me like all the hardships of her life were.cause by me Wtf. You must realize I’ve done nothing but good for this girl and my ex but yet I’m always getting burned. I have no friends cause of my ex and that girl was my confidont and friend or at least I thought so. God i just want someone to help me rationalize this, they are the ones screwed up not me right?