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May 10, 2017 at 12:00 pm

I am so tired of being the blame for everything! My father just cant believe my older sister isnt the perfect little angel he thinks she is! If there is a mess or anything he doesnt like he blames it on me right away! I stopped fighting it. I dont even care anymore. He yells at me and calls me names. I know he loves me because he is my dad but sometimes it seems like he doesnt. Even when i do what he wants, he finds a different reason to yell at me! My sis will make a mess or not take her dog out! And i get the blame. I take care of my dog! Her dog is her responsibility! Isnt it enough I walk, bathe, brush, feed, and pay for her. Nope apparently it isnt! I need to train and clean up after her too! I wanted one dog! One!!! If my dog made the mess sure i can clean up! My sis is older than me! She wanted the dog! He didnt have to cross the line and say i was selfish and stupid for being lazy! “It isnt hard to look after two dogs if u already take care of one.” It is! If ONE OF THEM ISNT EVEN TRAINED.i am just so sick and tired of being called lazy, dumb, stupid, selfish, and everything else.