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November 14, 2012 at 1:18 pm

Im usualy mr F**king brightsides! but holy sh*t its getting hard. I've left all my friends, the whole state infact. i had half a million friends and was happy.  Everyone was driving, they all had licenses and i was 2 weeks away from getting mine. i was so excited. well we moved down here. i Cant get my license for 3 more months!!!!!!!! i should of had it f**king last week!! i worked for it!! did all the requirements but none of that means sh*t! I still have to have my mother drive me on dates. i cant just gou out with friends. i cant get out of the house when i need to! Everyone else can! i f**king worked for it! I earned it. i even have paper work saying i have it!! But its useless apparantly! 3 months is about 90 days…. in highschool.. thats a long a** time!! ive been looking forward to having my lisense for 9 months!! i had a count down! then everyone is like “well it is what it is”! NO! thats bullsh*t! i nearly cried when i found out! its a big deal! my mom is out ALL the time! im stuck with my grandparents (i love them but too much is too much)! i need an escape! and i dont have one now! im not a spoiled brat! i told my mother we could move because she was in a high stress situation. i lost all my friends and the school i loved. the lisense was just about the only thing i could truly look forward to but NO, I cant f**king have that either!! All my belongings right now fit in 1 suitcase and 1 computer case! i just want a license… the one i earned and deserve. i did every thing needed. i jst cant show up to the court in person to get it… its there.. but i cant have it!