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July 8, 2011 at 6:28 am

Are you really kidding me right now? 


I started at a new job almost two weeks ago. The place pays every weekand is a family owned multi-million dollar business. In fact, it's the longest running business in the ENTIRE county.

Who cares, right? Well, you would think that being the longest ran business in the ENTIRE county that they would know how to hire people to fill out their freakin' payroll.


Here I sit, thinking I was going to have a good Friday. My car is in the shop getting it's squealing belt fixed — I will not be able to drive at high rates of speed through town without be starred down by someone walking down the street, like the county prosecutor did — and it isn't suppose to be too hot outside today. I don't have air conditioning at my desk. However, everyone else but one other guy and me does have air. I'm like, wtf?


I sweat all day long and all I do is sit at a desk and do keystrokes. 


Anyway, so, back to thinking Friday was actually going to be a halfway decent day: I love Chinese food, so I had intentions on eating Chinese for lunch. However, I had to cash my check in order to pay for the food. 


Well, my pay check issues can't be fixed right away because the boss is on vacation for the next forty-eleven freakin' days.


You know what this all boils down to? Me not getting paid for July 4 after my boss told me that I could take the day off and would be paids — AND if I had a problem with my check, to let him know. The lady who does my check said “all the other new employees have to be here 60 days before they get paid for holidays” — LADY, I can't help the boss likes me more even though he will not give me air conditioning. Stop yo' bitchin' and write me a new check already because I need my Chinese! Surprised