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January 21, 2013 at 2:17 pm

I am a college student. It is my freshman year in college and I am not used to being away from home. I know college is a good thing and I love it once I start classes and get going but till them I'm depressed and I want to go home more than anything else. Right now I'm sitting on my bed at school almost at the point of crying because I wanna go home so bad. This shouldn't happen every time I go back to school. I really just need a way to not feel like this. I'm just so upset right now its ridiculous. I just need to know why it is so hard to be away from my family. I am 18 years old and this shouldn't happen. It's really difficult to not cry right now. I am trying so hard to like it here and I do when classes are going on and our friends are here but right now I could just run all the way home and I am not joking.