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August 25, 2012 at 1:44 pm

So my boyfriend and I met in highschool. He graduated 2011 and me 2012. he thought about going into nursing because you can get a job all time with that. Well he did that for a couple months and decided that nursing wasn't for him. So he dropped out. He doesnt have much financial support and the relationship between his divorced parents aren't that good. He doesn't have a job but he just found one and he lives with his horrible stingy and mean mother.  He's hoping with this job he can move out, pay for his debts and start school. Sounds good? However on the other hand there's my mother. She doesn't hate my boyfriend but she thinks that he's not going anywhere in his life and I need to find a better man.  So I try to defend him saying that he has no financial support to go school and that she doesn't know much about him and she shouldn't talk about him like that. And of course my mom gets furious. She says you defend your boyfriend so much but you wouldnt do anythin for your parents. I mean admit i'm lazy but im trying to do something with my life. I have a job and starting college next week. but anyways my mom goes on her bitch streaks and says that she wants to kick me out and says i should live with my boyfriend. Since i'm asian moving out when your 18 is a big thing. It more of American thing in our eyes. And if i move out that would cut all ties with my family and i will probably be “disowned” I care about my family, i just dont show it alot. But im so aggravated with my moms bitchyness about that topic.  oh yea i just stormed out of my house took $100 out the bank and bought a starbucks and gave to her angrily just so she could shutup. Am i a bad kid?