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October 5, 2012 at 8:29 am

Okay. This is my first post on here and I'm fuming so this will probably be a long one.

I have been dating my fiance for 2 years now and we are happily in love. Well, at least he loves me. I'm a little on the fence at this point. See the thing is, he has two kids by two different people. I get along great with the one daughters mom and I absolutely despise the one daughters mom. The thing that is even MORE fucked up? The two kids are a month apart. So lets call the daughter and mother that I get along with, #1 and the daughter I don't get along with and the baby momma i hate, #2.

So #2 hates me because her and my fiance were still fucking when I came along and he dropped her outta the blue like a bad habit (they were together off and on for 5 years). She got mad. We got engaged right away and everything was fucking hunky dory. Then all of a sudden #2 gets crazy and jealous and keeps the kid away from my fiance. That pisses everyone off and shit hits the fan. I get into a fist fight with #2 because she randomly attacked me at her house one day that we were finally “allowed” to go see the kid. Months later, and many many MANY fights and disagreements later, #2 decides to randomly call the cops and tell them that my fiance is threatening to kill her. Long story short, a no contact order was placed and #2 took off 9 hours away with their kid and we didn't hear from the kid (didn't even know she moved!) for almost a year! We accepted the fact and moved on.

As of right now, we have came up with a mediator and she talks to #2 and then the kid calls my fiance once a week (if he's lucky). We got to see the kid twice since they came back to visit #2's family in the same town we live in. So all in all, long story short, this stupid bitch #2 is driving me and my fiance insane. She knows she runs the show and that she has control as long as she keeps the kid from us. We have never seen her for a christmas, father's day, thanksgiving, or her dad's birthday. We get her on her birthday every year because #2 knows we buy the kid stuff and we send it home with the kid.

My problem now is that we finally set a date for our wedding in May. The no contact order with #2 is up this month (October) and now we are going to be forced to deal with Satan's spawn (#2) all over again. I have grown to not even like the child and can't handle the drama and baggage that comes along with marrying my future husband. But I love him and love seeing him happy so I grin and bear it.  Now my future monster in-law is quite the controlling type and drives me fucking crazy. She didn't come see her grandkid hardly at all when #2 lived here, but now that they moved states away, she cries all the time about it. She wants to drive across state lines (9 hr drive) to pick up the kid and bring her to our wedding. which is fine with me but I already know hell didn't freeze over and #2 is not going to let my fiance's mother, whom she HATES WITH A PASSION, come across state lines and pick up the kid and take her to a wedding that #2 is already pissed off about in the first place.  Monster in law thinks that I'm being to negative and even though #2 threatens her son, makes false police statements about him, and keeps their kid away from him, she is convinced that #2 has turned over a new leaf and is going to let her come get the kid. Btw I forgot to mention that our wedding is on  Mother's Day weekend. There is no way in hell. I'm scared to death that I'm going to have my wedding day ruined because of my monster in law and #2 will show up at my wedding starting shit. #2 even offered to supposedly take the kid to get her fitted for a flower girl dress and then order the dress for us!!! FUCK NO! I do not want #2 helping with anything that has to do with wedding and it pisses me off that monster in law is letting her! but then monster in law talks to much shit about #2 and turns around and calls her and kisses her ass. Her excuse? She says she is doing everything she can to keep the peace so her son can see his daughter. but guess what? HER SON DOESN'T WANT HER TOO! She doesn't listen!!!! I have tried to tell her calmly over and over again and so has my fiance. She just won't listen that this doesn't concern her! So finally I snapped on her last night and she got pissed at me and told me that her son isn't happy with me and that we will never be a family unless the kid is here with us. She says I'm too much of a bitch to keep my fiance happy and the only person who came make him happy is the kid.  He has came to accept the fact that he can't see his kid whenever he wants to. and he is FINE!! Everytime we come around his mother she brings up #2 and the kid. ALL THE TIME!!! I can't handle it anymore and I feel like I am constantly competing for my spot in my fiance's life because it will always be about #2 and the kid. I'm tired of feeling this way….

And now about child and mother #1. I love kid #1 like my own. We see her every other weekend and spend a lot of time with her. We buy her everything that she needs and we get along great. We are a family. It isn't fair of us to get hung up on thinks we can't control with #2 when we can focus on raising #1 while we have the chance. #1 doesn't fully understand why she can't see #2. And it makes her cry. What does monster in law do? Come over to our house and go on and on and on and on about #2 to child #1 and makes her cry and feel bad. Then she leaves and makes us deal with a crying #1. She treats #1 and #2 children different and always has. #2 has always been the golden child and everyone worships the ground that she walks on. Nobody ever punishes her when she is rude (like her fucking bitch mother). The #2 kid rolls her eyes and talks to people like they are stupid and NEVER LISTENS! She is a little bitch just like her mom. But yet, mother in law lets her be that way and treats #1 child like dog shit even though she is the one here with us every other weekend and not the other child. I don't know what to do anymore. I sincerely hate #2 and even the kid at this point. I can't stand my monster in law and she is ruining my wedding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!