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December 1, 2012 at 12:23 pm

Sorry if this gets lenghthy. I grew up in a pretty shallow family. All they cared about is how much money they make, what kinda car they own and if they have the latest louis vutton purse. I mean they are a wonderfully kind  family to other family members. I mean I don't hate them, I just don't like their views on life. Now my brother is the epitome of this. He's in highschool is obsessed with sports while his grades are horrible. He wants the latest gadgets, wears the most popular brands and just a plain idiot. He wants to be a professional tennis player or jet pilot just cause it's cool. Somehow today me, my brother and my dad got on the topic of sports. I hate televised sports. I wholeheartedly believe that a teacher, scientist, soldier, doctor should make more money than a professional athlete. My brother and father believe otherwise.  They say that professional athlete's talent are hard to find. and i told them about micheal jordan. How he sucked horribly at basketball at first but with practice and dedication he became what he is today and anyone can be an athlete with dedication and practice. They said no way. My father said that he wouldn't mind a son as athlete because of the quick money. MONEY. ALL THEY FRICKEN CARE ABOUT!! I shoulda said ” Pornstars make loads of money, I should become one”  and i said what about the time, work,practice of being a teacher? To educate the future population.My brother said athletes inspire me, teachers dont.  My mother laughed at me saying ” she's one of those people” The final sentence my brother said just infuriated me, it made me want nothing to do with him in the future. I don't want to consider him as a brother. His words, ” dad would you rather have your son win the Grand Slam ( tennis version of superbowl) or your daughter build houses for free for third world countries and homeless ppl ( I'm majoring in architecture)” WTF KINDA COMPARISION IS THAT?? the sad thing is that my brother is an example of today's younger generation and many will probably agree with him. Please tell me that there are still people like me out there? Whoever is reading this, please tell me you also believe in what i believe in. I dont want to live in a society like this.