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March 14, 2014 at 6:34 am

My father, brother and cousin molested me, my father and brother raped me. i was very young when i was first molested by my cousin. i was maybe 4 years old. most of my childhood i was raped and molested by my father and most of my teen years my brother started molesting and raping me. i tired to run away, they would find me, i tried telling people and they said im lying, i cried to my mom and tried to kill myself, they looked at me as a failure and a pathetic little girl. i am muslim so i was terrified to do anything because of all the things i heard they do to girls who were raped and lost their virginity before marriage. no one believed me in my family i was all alone. i hated myself and everything. i wanted to end my life because of all the hell i was going thru in my life. i stopped getting molested and raped when i reached 8th grade and high school only because i threatened to call the police and had a counselor come to my house to talk to my family. my pain never went away and the fact that my mom never believed me hurts me til this day, im 24 years old. i dont think i will ever get over this… i havent spoken to my family for over two years because i was sick of living with the people who did those horrible things to me and denied ever doing them, and the rest of my family not believing me. i honestly hate my family. and my mom was in denial, it only gave my dad permission to rape me again and again….if u are a mother, your kids are most important. believe them when they bring a big problem to you.. kids do not lie about being sexually abused, most of them do not even understand it and will just say they have pain in their private parts or that so and so touched me down there. its not a joke, they are telling the truth, i was telling the truth…

May 8, 2014 at 12:52 pm

Oh my god!!! 

Couldn’t believe what I just read!! Have no idea what to say!! Just speechless and hope you find something to help you deal with all that shit!!

i know I tend to finish my posts like this – but good luck and hope you find contentment

May 9, 2014 at 12:56 pm

I am almost in tears reading that! You write it as though it is an every day thing! You must be a strong girl to go through something like that and I hope your life is now filled with people who love you

big hugs!!!!!!

May 12, 2014 at 9:53 am

Thank you for replying, sometimes I just need for other people to hear it because I am so sick of hearing it over and over again in my mind. I will say this, I have gotten so much better. I live with my wonderful american boyfriend, how I came to love a man after what was done to me? I have no idea, all i know is we plan to marry and start a family. I am absolutely in love with him and his beautiful family, they are my family now. His mom is my best friend she is like my own mom. she helps me so much with all the pain i had growing up. he always tells me that i am worth more than my family ever will know, my boyfriend is my everything.  I left my family almost three years ago and told them I have an American boyfriend who i love dearly, they flipped out because remember I am Muslim, I dont care because my family took my life away and my boyfriend and his family gave it back to me. the least my family can do is appreciate that. I have not contacted them and i could care less. who would want that in their lives? not me.


June 10, 2014 at 2:11 pm

Hey redrose24.. I’m new here and just read your post and almost can’t believe it. I’m a Muslim too and I understand some of the things you were talking about. But, I feel we come from very different worlds and I just cannot comprehend why your family isn’t in jail. Is this a common practice in your country? If they did that to you, they can easily do it to others. That aside, I am happy to hear that this story has a happy ending and I sincerely wish you a bright and blessed future my darling.