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September 14, 2016 at 12:39 pm

Let’s be clear, this is a VERY long story. It has only been 5 years since this incredible drama started, but this story will make it seem like it’s been 20. Yes. My mother-in-law is a complete bitch and no it wasn’t always like that. I once thought of her like the mother I never had. I had a mother, but she was a complete loon. Always accusing us (my sisters and myself) of being whores and sluts and what have you even though My older sister waited to have sex until she was 18 and I waited until I was married to my FIRST ever boyfriend. Hindsight is 20/20 and that was a mistake. My younger sister won’t fess up but we estimate she was likely 16 since that’s when she had a ‘serious relationship’ in high school. Typical. My mother had a way of making you feel like complete shit for the simplest things. Make no mistake, she meant it. Every time she could make you feel less it made her feel like more. I honestly believe that our pain and suffering was her pleasure.

We’ve said it a hundred times: Even if we slept with every person on the planet she was definitely more of a whore than we, even combined, could ever be. See, she started having sex with men in their 30’s when she was only 12. She decided it for herself. Just like how she decided to sleep with her brother at 17. She was smart enough to use her sister’s name though so her reputation would stay intact. None of this really has a direct impact on my mother-in-law being evil or anything, but you can see why I was relieved to have a mother-figure in my life who wasn’t insane. Or so I thought.

Let’s make things lighter. I just had a baby! 7 months ago! She is incredible in every way and she has Down Syndrome too. She was in heart failure for the first 4 months of her life as we awaited the surgery. The open-heart-surgery. The heart stopping, gut wrenching, surgery that would leave my perfect little girl with a scar down the length of her chest. She would be my mother-in-law’s first grandbaby. THAT should have been exciting for everyone. So let’s just forget the last 5 years of her being hateful, rude, spiteful, and downright vindictive. I could move past that now. All I wanted was for my daughter to survive the surgery. When I found out that I was pregnant I was excited to announce the news to my family. Instead, she stole the news from me and hastily went and told everyone in our hometown. Complete strangers knew that I was pregnant before my own dad. WHAT A BITCH! When her son and I got engaged, after the baby, she wasn’t even remotely excited. No Smiles, no congratulations, NOTHING. She was able to beat us to her mother to steal the news again. I didn’t get to tell a soul. My family already knew the whole deal before it even went down. How could I surprise them with a ring they helped pick out?

Fast-forward and we got a dog. Not just ANY dog. One that looked like my beloved lost dog from years ago. She reminded me of him so much. Her eyes were the same. That night I get a call from, you guessed it, the bitch claiming that she would call chid protective services if we didn’t get rid of the dog. She called her son a bad parent for ‘letting me talk him into picking up a stray’. He got the dog off of his grandmother’s neighbor who couldn’t take care of all of the dogs he had. She was well-mannered and just straight up awesome. Of course I wasn’t allowed to be happy though so we had to return her. Now she’s pregnant and that poor man has to deal with another litter of pups. That same night she said that we were starving our child, wouldn’t pay attention to her etc. Please can someone just explain to me how having weekly visits with a cardiologist that is four hours away to help manage her weight gain is a form of neglect. We met with nutrition experts, pediatricians who specialize in poor weight gain due to Down Syndrome and heart defects, and eventually had to settle on an NG tube for feedings until the surgery. It absolutely broke out hearts. We wouldn’t get to feed her from a bottle for months. That was our special bonding time.

Even before the tube we didn’t let anyone else feed her. If you have a child that faced surgery you know that the fear of loosing your child on the operating table is overwhelming. This is what we were facing. So I made sure that we took every moment to be with her. No one else has changed her diapers, or fed her, put her to sleep, or bathed her. That was my duty. Her father and I didn’t want to give up a second with her because we didn’t know if she was forever. Despite explaining this to her, she still flat out stated that she ‘has a right’ to my daughter. She wants to experience having a child again. She should get to take her whenever she wants and feed her whenever she wants’. She literally wanted to steal her away. Or at least thats what it felt like. She even said that CPS would take her and give her to the grandparents because we got a dog. WTF.

If any of that made you burn internally you may want to soak for a minute before you read on.

The Bitch’s husband, Mr. Bitch, recently had staph infection. That’s bad I know. I actually like him though. So before the surgery we sat everyone down and explained that the risk of spreading staph was very high and that no one could hold her before the surgery and for whatever length of time she is in recovery. She actually acted like this was a good plan, but in the hospital, she marched straight back to the pediatric intensive care unit and touched my baby. Without us in the room. A failure on the NICU security staff as we signed a paper stating that she couldn’t have any visitors while we weren’t in the room. Of course I called her out on it. She played the victim like she does every time I tell her ‘NO SMOKING AROUND THE BABY!’

That falling out lasted about 2 months. She never apologized. She never even seemed sorry. She could have killed my baby. She could have given her the most painful infection known to man because of shear selfishness.

Thankfully my baby didn’t catch staph. She recovered fully, but the drama continues as the Bitch posts pictures of her to Down Syndrome groups like she is the new poster child. She even used her to prove that not all babies with Down Syndrome ‘look it’. She claims that she is perfect even with Down Syndrome. I hate her. Truly I do. She has knowingly been around people with the flu and gets right in my daughter’s face. She has purposefully smoked around her. She has tried every way know to man to become her mother. I have prayed so many times for her to drop dead. Or at least disappear.

For those of you who have become attached, don’t worry. There WILL be more. I couldn’t write it all and she’s still kicking.