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June 21, 2015 at 2:50 pm

My girlfriends parents have been having trouble accepting the fact that she is gay with her best friend and they now hate me for it. We no longer live with them and she doesn’t see them very much anymore. She graduates from high school on Saturday and her father told her on Father’s day that they aren’t going to her graduation. Award for best father goes to anyone but you. He is on crutches because he has ankle problem and that’s his excuse for not going and her mom doesn’t have an excuse. Seriously people you are her parents you should be there for her no matter what. Expecially when she does everything they ask her to even though she shouldnt. This is a big step for her and her parents don’t give a flying shit about it. I went to my brothers graduation an hour away in a wheelchair 3 days post knee surgery I think they can handle going like 10 blocks and sit in a chair for thier daughters graduation. Am I wrong? I thought they were the adults and we were kids but now I’m highly starting to question it.