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December 7, 2011 at 7:12 am

I have a sister whom I love, but who also makes me ashamed to claim. And that makes me sad.

You're supposed to be able to accept people for who and what they are… or are you? I guess it can be both ways but I have a hard time with the balance I'm supposed to strike sometimes.

My sister is a year and a half older than me and has never done anything with her life. It's now growing pathetically annoying. Let me explain;

She won't work, but complains all the time about what they don't have or can't afford, like healthcare, car insurance, rabies shot for the dog, enough gas to make it the whole week or meat for dinner every night. Yet she can afford to buy bootleg pain killers, cigarettes and alcohol.

Every day it's a new ailment, she's sick with whatever was the last thing she heard was “going around” on one of her many outings to the local emergency room. And today, part of her ailment is that her satellite tv isn't working – to which she confessed is bootlegged from a friend of theirs. WOW!

Sounds suspiciously like a problem of priorities and standards.

I'm glad I live a thousand miles away. Any closer and I might be her enemy because I might be pushed to call the authorities about some of the 'goings on'.  CPS for the screaming and cussing at a 4 year old, Foodstamp fraud, SSI fraud, buying prescription drugs from people, and now stealing television and internet from Dish Network.

It's nearly impossible sometimes to believe that she and I can from the same family. EmbarassedSurprisedYell