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July 14, 2017 at 8:51 pm

Disclaimer: There’s swearing and some random thoughts added

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Right off the bat, I just want to say fuck you to the guy who said he was just starting to like me, but since I expressed that I respect other people’s identity, he doesn’t like me anymore. You’re pathetic and your existence is probably just as meaningless as you are to society. You clearly don’t have the mental capabilities of making a difference in the world, which I believe is the only reason we exist. I’m not sorry for being harsh, I genuinely hate those who claim to dislike me over simple shit like my own beliefs. Why would me calling people “they” completely ruin a potential friendship? I can’t stand people in today’s society. Every year I have to deal with stupid people not being honest with themselves and are quite possibly the worst additions to mankind. Fuck all the people who decide to make rude remarks towards me, since I have never said anything I wouldn’t tell you upfront. And another fuck you to all of the people who laid their hands on me in a way to hurt me. Do you not know what pain feels like to someone who hates being touched without their consent? Do you know how aggravated I am that I can’t simply hurt you back because I am too weak? I’ve felt like killing myself due to the anger building up (thank god the medication is working now).

I hate being made to look like a fool, especially since I’m a vocal person, not showy like every conformist in my generation. I can’t change the opinions of others easily. Fuck it, I can’t even admit to myself that my life is worth living half of the time, and it’s because these damned people think I’m shit so they treat me as such. They have no consideration for others. I have never swore to another person, and I probably will as soon as I hit 18 in another year. I’m only putting an age on it since I would probably swear left and right in my house by accident. It just irritates me that people will give me dirty looks, talk about me behind my back, and I literally do nothing but attempt to help people and make them laugh at me insulting myself.

People make me out to be some kind person who is shy, but I’m actual shallow at times and honest about how I feel. If I hate something, I will say I hate it; If I don’t like someone, I’ll act on it. Lying is a complete waste of time for me.