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July 23, 2017 at 8:09 am

I came to this website to vent and because I feel like I have nobody to go to at work. When I first started my job about a year ago I loved it. Everyone was really nice and I finally had a desk job that paid a livable wage. My boss really liked me and even had petnames for me (almost to the point where the favoritism was getting to be too much). Well there has been a few changes in our company and a merger with more women. So he manages a group of women. He’s always made inappropriate comments (not towards me just in general..think Michael from the office). Well when the merger began, I thought he was acting inappropriately with another female we will call her Ashley. I thought maybe I was thinking that because I was jealous. Then another co-worker tells me she feels the same way. One day he grabbed Ashley’s leg and I just thought that was crossing the line. Well anyways the girls friend who also works with her told Ashley what she thought. Ashley texts manager and tells him not to talk to her unless it’s work related. Manager calls assistant manager. Assistant manager gets pissed for some reason and takes the girl out into the hallway. Then manager has a meeting with everyone of us individually to let us know that he’s not fuckinh her. I get pissed because I feel like he’s blaming me for his behavior he apologizes and I think everything’s all good. This happened roughly two months ago and he’s still making passive aggressive comments. I asked him why a new girl was leaving early one day(none of my business I was just curious) and he loudly says “BECAUSE I’M SLEEPING WITH HER, LET’S GO AHEAD AND GET THAT OVER WITH ” Anyways, am I wrong for letting this bother me??