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February 27, 2015 at 7:00 am

I read in the newspaper that two republican senators have threatened the Washington DC mayor if she goes through with the legalization or decriminalization of marijuana.  Now here is the thing that pisses me off to no end, THE VOTERS BY A MARGINE OF 66% A FULL 2/3rds of THE VOTERS VOTED THIS IN!!!! AND THE SENATORS DO NOT CARE!!! They have threatened to withhold the money they give to her to run the city, about half of her budget!!! Forget that it is over marijuana, that is not what is important here, they are not listening to the VOTERS and that is what they are elected to do, listen to what the voters want and do it. They should be fired!!! I am sick to death with these polititions, they already have a life style that they should not have, like their retirement, their hospitalization, the number of days off they get and their ability to give themselves raises!! Wouldn’t that be nice to have? THE BOTTOM LINE IS THESE TWO ARE GOING AGAINST THE VOTERS!!! They are a disgrace to this country!!!