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September 7, 2017 at 5:57 pm

HOW FUCKING DRAINING is it to be with someone who only thinks of themselves???!!

He is so sensitive about so many small bullshit issues as well! Whether or not I post a picture of us, or even me changing my profile picture to one that I like that he just happens to not be in. He gets mad if I don’t answer his every back and call, and he always always prioritises what he thinks is best and what he wants to do over what would be BEST for us BOTH.

He hates if I am successful

He has rules coming out his ass that I somehow always fuck up on and just can’t get perfect at.
I have to change who I want to be because he doesn’t agree with it. Want to change my hair colour? Good fucking luck.

His family is so intense and so controlling and wealthy and it’s always about them! I feel like a peasant next to them. How the heck he does it, is beyond me.

Also, he doesn’t even think twice about the fact that I can’t always just adjust my fucking life to what he plans and wants! He asked me to move and leave my country and all my work and everything I have built and established here, just because he can’t compromise and come to live here for a SHORT TERM.

His Ego is the size of the fucking ocean. Which is probably where his selflessness drowned anyway.

Oh I am feeling down? Well why the FUCK should I expect to be cared for and calmed down?

I do endless massive gestures for him, put myself out there for him, and have tried so so hard to make this work. I have sacrificed a LOT and he just expects me to come to him and eat out his hand at all times. But I am not just a fucking storybook character or a headless chicken who can just do whatever he wants when he wants it.

He is sucking the LIFE out of me. I know it won’t last, and right now he is overseas so I can’t fucking end it over the phone.

But as soon as I see his sorry ass again, far out, he and I are DONE