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November 7, 2013 at 12:30 am

Is it too much to ask for someone to have some God damn Decency ? how about a fucking brain? i mean after all these fucking years of evolution did we just loose all the brain cells and decide to say FUCK EM.

Tired of all these stupid bastards, you work in a god damn store, and your the fucking manager, you better damn well know everything in that store or department, don't ask the associate that doesn't work your department, if you have to do that you need to get fucking fired/replaced, cause holy crap, how some of these retarded people keep their jobs when they don't even know what they are talking about is beyond me, if you manage a Electronics part of a store, you better damn well know EVERYTHING in that department or fucking get lost. Yes the freaking laptop has wireless adapter to connect the internet, did you really have to ask when its right in front of your fucking face? DO YOU READ, in fact i don't even think any general store that sells laptops except for a pc store that sells parts would even sell something that cant connect wirelessly to internet in this day and age, FUCK


And i know this is dumb as hell to complain about but fucking Christ, if your gonna cheat on your boy friend with me, don't fucking tell me about how you spent the day with him, your just making this seem like your a god damn slut and I'm wasting my time bothering, i mean really? we god damn have sex behind his back, i hate the guy, and you go ahead and fucking tell me you just spent the day with him and did all this other shit? i mean fucking seriously even if this whole thing is just wrong, are you that much of a stuck up whore that you have to just throw it out there? Fuck might as well not bother sense you'll end up doing the same damn thing to me you fucking cunt, oh yeah go ahead and keep talking about how boring your day was with him while i fucking chipped my god damn tooth, had to jump start my car, lost a friend, and had to deal with my normal stupid managers that cant even do their fucking job correctly, CAUSE YOUR day was REALLY that bad, thank you for showing me how much of a fucking inconsiderate, stuck up bitch you are, thank you. F****


I'm done and i still don't feel better for venting….