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May 29, 2012 at 5:52 am

hi all first time on this forum just need to get something off my chest without upsetting anyone. my son and his girl friend have just had a baby and wanted to do it by themselve which is find but shuting my wife out has made her feel very sad and angry and i would like to tell them this but do not want to push them away. while this is there right i do not think they are paying my wife the respect that she deserves she gave our children all she could and a bit more. i dont really know about his girlfriends parents i have met her mother but not her father and something in her life might be afecting her discitions but pushing us away is like punishing us for someone else mistakes i will just keep the peace the best i can. its just my wife is the mature one. but it is hurting her a lot and that upsets me and as i said i would like to point this out to them but will not because this will not help right now. thanks for letting me get this off my chest i will give her a big hug and a cuddle tommorow is a new day.

cheers hugh