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January 8, 2013 at 1:36 am

I live with my boyfriend so I know exactly what he is doing all the time except for when he is at work.  I usually do not put private information on public view but i want some advice so……when he gets home from work he gets on his computer and plays a game, when he is done with the game he gets on facebook, when he is done with facebook he goes to bed.  While he is at work we talk on phone to computer because i do not have a phone.  When he is playing his game we talk unless he ignores me.  When he is on facebook he harldy ever goes to my page but is always liking other girls comments.  Then he kisses me and says goodnight.  OK so he had his facebook where i could get on it and just read his posts for some reason he blocked me from getting on should i be worried about any of this or do i have it pretty good?  confused!