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June 20, 2015 at 4:18 pm

posted under my profile… just thought  I would share

<p class=”MsoNormal” style=”margin: 0in 0in 0pt;”><span style=”color: #000000;”><span style=”font-family: Calibri;”>Wow, glad I found this site. who else to vent to when you don’t have anyone else? lol long story short, in the last year and a half, my father passed away, so this is will be first fathers day with out him, I Started a new job 7 months, ago, my step mom who raised me now has Parkinson, and beginning of dementia. She right now is in West Virginia with one of my sisters visiting and one day is ready to come, then changes her mind when we are on the way to get her or just before we leave. have my real mom who is jealous because she is not getting attention and not to mention, I’m getting married in less than a month, to an awesome man, but will have a combined house hold, my two that lives with us permitlly, and then his three every other weekend and a couple days out of the week, and a ex wife who is re married and has a new born, but hold the youngest child of the two of them against him, and she takes advantage of him…. uggggg and now have my niece moving in with us. a little more back ground. there is five kids all together from my parents. My dad and mom had three, my older sister, me and my sister in WV, my step mom had my brother, and then my dad and step mom had my baby sister. my step mom raised me since I was four. now to complicate more my older sister doesn’t have anything to do with the family, and my brother, just got out of prison. I feel like I’m drowning sometimes, I’m the one everyone comes to vent, and get help with their problems…. now if I could just vent, or scream and no one get their feelings hurt I would be good. I am angry at a lot of things right now. so when I got home last night from work, I find out that my soon to be step kids did in fact get their dad a fathers day gift, and the ex wife paid for it, then the 14 yo old proceeds to tell me that the only reason she did it was because he bought her flowers and a card for the kids for her birthday on sat and he texted her Happy birthday… I was floored I knew about the gifts from the kids but not the text message. and to say the least it hurt. This is a woman that cheated on him with the maintence man from their apartments, she divorced him and married this other guy, she has called dcf 2 on him with false allegations, and she wont let the 3 year old come and stay like the divorce papers state. but he texted happy birthday to be nice!!!!! when she texted he automatically responds, when she calls he answers as soon as the phone rings. he pays her child support early when she asks.. but she is mean to him.. she’s remarried, has a new born with the new husband… I don’t know if I’m getting cold feet but I’m starting to feel like he is not over her… I played second fiddle to someone in my first marriage and I refuse to do it again….. my heart is torn…</span></span></p>