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August 17, 2017 at 8:19 pm

So, I have been dealing with this boy for almost 2 years now.. Since he was in 10th and I was in 11th. Anyway we met in chemistry class and since then we been on and off.  He has lied to me about the other girls he was seeing and what not. And i always went back to him when he apologized and begged me to come back. About 9 months later i took his virginity and we were on good terms, But we never made anything official. As my senior year approached i start talking to someone else and he was not happy about it, He cussed me out and blew up on me because he heard it from someone else and not from me(which wasn’t my fault because, I didn’t have a way to communicate with him) But sooner or later he accepted it and we became friends. Then when me and the guy i was talking to broke up. Me and Him start talking again and we made it until the end of my senior year. We fell off then because i almost got pregnant by him and my mom kicked me out when i didnt tell her who i was having sex with(which was him). None the less he was always there for me when i needed him and vice versa. Now after that i start dating someone else and we eventually broken up 1 month after we dated. And once again me and him start talking again. This whole summer things between me and him have been just fine, still no title. but things were good between us. I then start talking to someone who plays football with him and that turned out for the worst. I told him about us talking a month later and he blew up on me worse than last time. He called me a hoe and a whole bunch of other names and i literally was crying my eyes out. He has never said anything like that to me and it hurt to hear him  say that. I love him with all my heart and it hurts to know i broke his heart when those weren’t my intentions at all. I didn’t think it would hurt him this bad, But he has been trying to do right by me and i fucked it all up. What should I do? I dont want him to give up on us.