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March 22, 2012 at 7:33 pm

I am getting married in like 2 months.  I am totally under the impression that my future husband's daughter has no respect for anyone.  Its a shame I did not make her b/c I would have raised her a hell of a lot different.  I guess she's the stereotypical teen but I am not sure if I can handle this girl.  She is not into any activities at all and tons of spare time to rot her brain.  She is a straight up idiot.  The 15 year old brat has 3 piercings in her face now, she's sexually active, addicted to twitter, facebook, youtube, etc., failing in school, and she is a thief.  She is actively stealing from me and I don't think she has any intention to quit stealing from me either.  My fiance' is lax in the fact that he defends her constantly and doesn't hold strong with his punishment.  He NeVer follows through and her damn mother is too busy trying to be her buddy than her mother.  The parents also hate eachother…so the child has become a mastermind in riding the fence..if you know what I mean.  Its a bad situation and it scares me.  WTF am I marrying into?…a Jerry Springer episode or season of 16 and pregnant?  My life has potential for disaster and my parents are 20K invested in this wedding.  I don't have any kids and an awesome nursing career.  I see my life going boom right in front of my face!  I just want to cry!  I think cold feet is an understatement for me.  Especially when this little shit wants to come live with us full time…shit my fiance will lose me the moment she moves in.  She is a monster and I am sick of nobody doing anything about her being a pitting, thieving little shit!  I love her but I don't have to like her.  She has stolen $150 worth of my bras, money, and makeup.  I am VS girl all the way.  She stole my gorgeous laced bras.  I even called her on it like a month ago and told her I would not get mad at her if she took them..that girl bold faced lied to me.  Her mother ended up finding them at her house and my stupid future step-daughter washed them and dried them!  They are ruined.  I could honestly punch her in the mouth right now!  Oh there is more too!  She is a freaking pig!  I have never met someone that hides bloody underwear and tampons in drawers, hampers, and under their bed.  I don't know if anyone else has any kids like this but thats just nasty! She leaves dirty clothes everywhere, hides food in her room and I need to clean up ant farms and fruit fly colonies.  Make-up on her bedspread, in my new carpet.  I have seen teenage boys cleaner than her…wait maybe even hobos.  I mean her room litterally has vagina stank all the time.  The girl doesn't wash her face regularly and complains about her acne she is causing.  She cakes foundation on her face, black make-up, changes her hair color like every week.  She looks like a dead hooker!  Moral of the story…this little shit has potential to ruin everything and I really don't like her.  She disrespects me passive-aggressively all the time.  I can't stand her and it might be the end for my honey and me b/c he refuses to make changes with the way he handles her but the damage is done dude.  I just don't see how she could be fixed.  I don't hate her…she is just a product of poor parenting.  Someone needs to shape that girl up or I am shipping out.  Its amazing to me that I kinda own everything and have the awesome job but I have no say in how this man handles his child.  Makes me just want to cut her off financially for awhile.  Oh yeah… I bought her a pair of brand new shoes ($100) for christmas..guess where they ended up…on a concert stage!!  She threw them at a concert and lost them!  Yeah, she respects me!  Frankly she shouldn't be going to concerts all the time anyway.  She did not earn the right to go..but again..f**koff parents?!  She goes on school nights too..because mom is such a prize!  I only get this girl on the weekends and I am cringing at the thought of her coming to live with us.  Sorry about the long drawn out bitchfest but I am venting and that is what this site is for.  Thanks for listoning.