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January 21, 2014 at 10:03 am

Mexican timeshare salespeople are so freaking crooked.  I know I know.. what was I thinking?  But I went to cancel within the 5 day rescind period which per Mexican law would provide me with a full refund.  Except that the jerk in charge would only give me a cancellation if I waived my right to a refund!!!!  WTF???  So I got back to the US and discovered that he lied to me, and now I got everyone involved. My bank backed me up and issued a refund, but now that the timeshare people would not cancel my membership, the charge is back on my card.  Anyway, I'm not done fighting yet.  Beware of SHANE BRAULT at VILLA PREFERRED CABO.


Just say NO!  And take all their freebies!!!