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April 18, 2015 at 12:28 am

Just need a good vent. So I decided to do a food tasting tour at San Francisco and spend the night the day before to celebrate my wedding anniversary with my wife. So everything just hit the fan. Got the hotel, it ended up being smaller than expected for $257, my wife was upset that we didn’t get a view but no big deal. We decided to go to cheesecake factory to eat, Fucking packed. Nevermind, we go look for food. As we look for food I find out the tour for food tasting got cancelled, Great! So we go to chapotle to eat, big whoop. I had set us up to watch a comedy show. My wife wasn’t having it because it was not her seen and it was no one famous. I told her before I got the tickets if she wanted to go see the show, she said yes. I had never mention anyone famous performing. So I laugh alone, and enjoy it alone as she sits next to me with no sense of humor. After, she was all upset and we heasd back to the hotel. She is upset of all that’s happened, I stop by Walgreens and she ditches me to go to the hotel. Where she ended up waiting since I had both keys. Everything went wrong for this trip. Instead of trying to make things better for what I tried to do, she had made it so much worse. So I think to myself, “Damn you are so ungrateful…” Some anniversary… I’m sure she doesn’t care how much I spent for her all together….