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January 27, 2013 at 1:50 am

My daughter and her husband and my 2 grand kids sold their house and had no where to live, so they moved in with my husband and me. They moved in the first of september and are still here. They have found a house that need a ton of work, more on that later. They have not helped with any of the bills, my electric bill went from around 75 a month to 225 and the same with the gas and water, all of them have doubled. None of them can turn off a light. They are all slobs. I have been putting up with crap everywhere for way to long. So what tonights rant is that my daughter is out of town and her hubby has the kids or he is suppose to. I got up today and the kids are here and he is gone he is up at the new house working. The kids are 12 and 4 and I love them to death! On top of that my hubby has the flu, he is running a fever of 104 and feels like shit! So I take the kids out running around, so my hubby can get some rest. We get done running around and I make dinner for everyone. When their dad get here, does he say hey thanks for watching the kids all day and making dinner. Hell no not a word, he eats the food I cooked and didn't clean up at all. He is always leaving lights on it  drives me crazy. He is such and ungreatful jackass, I just want to scream at him! Hopefully they will be out of my house very soon, if not I may end up in jail. I hope that when I get up in the morning that the kids are not here and if they are, so help their dad!