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September 15, 2012 at 9:56 pm

I must say that I’m usually
the one that’s letting other drivers in my lane when there lane is ending its
just being courteous however I’m humane and sometimes it really upsets me when
you have drivers that know way in advance the lane is ending ether by site or
buy a posted sign telling them to merge because there lane is ending and they
wait until the last minute to merge over. The other day I found myself in unfamiliar
territory and the lane I was in was ending soon, so myself and several others
drivers were trying to merge over and no one would let any of us merge over. So
what seemed like a long time the light changed to red and with my signal still
flashing I dried to merge over I was finally able to get about ¾ of the way
into the next lane and traffic came to a complete stop, the light turned green
and traffic started moving again however the person behind was mad because I was
able to merge into his lane he purposely rammed his truck into the back of my
van his pumper went over top of mine and busted by taillight and put a small
dent in the metal under my taillight and scuffed the bumper some. Probably less
than $200 damage. Here’s my problem I believed the threat of a collision was
over since all traffic had came to a complete stop because the light had turned
red, why would someone go out of their way to have a collision when one was
already prevented. The person behind me said he had a wright to hit me because I
moved into his lane and he didn’t want me there.