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March 14, 2014 at 1:26 pm

Ok I have no problems with people who don't eat meat, but why do they have a problem with me eating meat? i believe certain animals are absolutely ok to eat, and a vegetarian thinks that no animal should be eaten. i am not crazy about meat, i dont engorge myself with meat, i normally eat chicken and turkey and occasionally beef but thats about it, and i dont think a person who loves meat and eats it all the time is wrong either. God stated that its ok to eat certain meats… so why do vegetarians think its so wrong to eat meat? is it because of how the animal is treated? or in general a human being should not eat an animal? animals eat other animals and some animals eat plants too, well are plants not living things? i did research and our teeth are designed to eat meat and to help us chew it. it is ok to be a vegetarian but why do they think they are better than most people morally? a lion eats nothing but meat… is that ok or should they start eating plants to make you all happy? like i said i could care less if you dont eat meat but why do you gotta call me out and say “how could you eat something that had feelings?” thats bullshit to me, why the fuck you gotta make me feel bad for eating something iv always ate, and tell my im going to HELL for eating it… its absolutely fucked up, who are you to judge? you think you are better than GOD who said its ok to eat meat? i also think its rude to have a party and invite non vegetarians and not have some good food to feed them, its a dinner party and all you have is litterally crackers, dip and chips? im not saying to cook me some meat but even rice, beans and i would even take a veggie burger. i dont eat because i get invited to a party and im thinking they will have some good food at least some veggie chilie i love, not everything has to have meat in it, but i get there and the table is just chips, dip and crackers and carrots and celery… i mean i didnt eat because i was invited to a DINNER PARTY. and i went home and i about ate everything in fridge because of how inconsiderate vegetarians can be sometimes. when im hungry i dont like eating chips or crackers, i want a good home cooked meal. i just think some vegetarians are stuck up and think meat eaters are wrong. we are not wrong and i can go all biblical on you and you will just be left with your opinions and feelings on why you are a vegetarian, there is no hard evidence that people are meant to be vegetarians, so please stop being so mean to non vegetarians. its just wrong. i had a vegan cake once and it was the sweetest thing i have ever eaten, it was so nasty but i ate it out of respect.. so if i can respect you… why is it so hard for you to respect me. i love animals and i treat the good but if i have a chicken salad and you look at me like im a murderer…. is absurd. its your choice to be a vegan or vegetarian,, so is my choice of being a meat eater, get over it and accept it. i also went to a birthday party where everyone was a meat eater except one guest was a vegan, and we had litterally nothing but vegan food there, even the birthday cake… i thought it was too much to make the whole birthday party revolve around the vegan guest, so everyone had to eat litterally gross food for that one person? people say a cake is a cake but if it was my birthday, it would not be a vegan cake im sorry, it was just like eating pure sugar it almost made me puke. and the food again was finger food, chips crackers. if you are inviting a bunch of non vegans and all you have to serve is crackers and chips,…. that is rude to me its like they are trying to force it on you or try to change you.  people dont like to just eat finger foods, especially if its weird things you never heard of. i always leave a vegan oriented party hungry like hell! ive had veggie chilie and it was delish and ive have a sweet potato burger and it was amazing but again if you are having a party and you are a vegetarian and you invite non vegetarians it is rude to not have anything to feed them. just saying. 

May 8, 2014 at 12:35 pm

Another thing that annoys me – vegetarians who say they only eat fruit/vegetables and fish! Didn’t realise that fish was a plant! It’s like saying I’m a vegetarian but love an occasional roast beef with all of the trimmings!

May 12, 2014 at 10:09 am

the vegetarians who eat fish act like fish are not also living things. they say its ok to eat fish because fish do not feel like a cow feels. lmfao! I eat veggies and I eat meat, deal with it and get out of my face! I cant stand vegetarians sometimes, i wanna just shove some beef into their mouths and watch their faces as they fall in love with the flavor and juices, I have tried to be a vegetarian, omg it is literally one of the hardest things i ever did in my life, not only was i ALWAYS HUNGRY, but nothing tasted as good as meat. Ever wonder why vegetarians are always anorexic???? because they are depriving themselves of nutrients their bodies need, just saying.