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August 13, 2017 at 7:21 pm

Let’s get one thing straight. I have high expectations, but only because I also have high self-respects. It hasn’t always been this way. This just recently changed when so many people around me started to disappoint me. Strangely enough, most people would usually lower their expectations of people when they are disappointing. This way, I figure at least they’ll know that I’m not impressed by their BS instead of bending myself to their habits. Earlier this year a became slightly estranged from my father’s side because his girlfriend’s father can’t hold his liquor and we got into this huge spat about who should be put in their place. People really test me, because in the heat of the moment, they forget that I have the violent tendencies and had to go to anger management for the longest time. Tough, sh*t for him because I LAYED HIM ON THE F***ING LINE over Facebook and they never talked or even looked at me sense. BUT who cares! That was so like 6 maybe 7 months ago. So, now, with the stress of not being close with my dad anymore, my mom recently got a boyfriend who is a total assh*le. He really pisses me off with his kids. The kids are only 3 and 6, and I totally understand that things just gotta be done when you’re a single parent (duh I wasn’t f*cking blind to the hardship that my own mother went through). What I really don’t like is him and everything about him. Other people don’t even like him. He doesn’t even have any guy friends (which is a huge red flag in my opinion). His kids are brats and they’ll scream their heads off, and he’ll give them EXACTLY what they want. When my mom and him first met, the kids wouldn’t eat dinner at our house because they knew they could scream on the way home and get mcdonalds. And it’s like, he’ll buy them whatever they want but their house smell’s like piss and sh*t (to a T). Then what really almost make me smack the shit out of him was when he would say, “well, I had it much worse when I was a kid.” This Godd*mn idiot buys his kids whatever they want, but when it comes to their health or education he would say, “well, I had it much worse as a kid.” My head short circuits just thinking about it right now. He’s so f*cking stupid. I wan’t him to just leave. He lived without us before, he can do it again. Sometimes I sit here and wonder if the kids are so bad off that I could call dfcs on him. I mean they are fairly horribly treated between himself and his b*tch ex. Before he met my mom, he wasn’t taking his kids to the dentist of the doctor, who’s to say he’ll continue if they ever break up? Also, he has sole custody over his kids, yet, the ex mom who don’t even want them, keeps them more than he does. I have tiny, tiny f*cking baby hands, but some days I wonder  how close they could get someone to beg for mercy. To humble someone or even make them feel insignificant all together. I want to make them cry just so I can look them in the eyes and feel indifferent towards them, and whoever looks away first loses because they can’t handle being looked down on.