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March 14, 2012 at 12:52 pm

3-14-2012 time 3:20 pm well I love this person to death I think ?  I try my best to help the person out in anyway that I can when they need me or I just do it to be there for them if and when they might need help and when I'm there I get bad talk from them and when I do help the person out sometimes I do get a nice thank you from them and other times I don't hear anything but thats ok, also when I try to do my best at helping the person out I get cust-out at saying how much a dumb-ass I am then I turn around and say “No I'm not a dumb ass your the dumb-ass for not being able to do it your self then ask me and then bitch me out for helping you now who is the smart one ha ?? the person is always asking me how to spell simple words and they Graduated from high school and I dropped out in 11 grade and I can spell alot better then the person & sometimes the person can be very loving to me and other times treat me like shit or crap, alot of people have told me that we should get the big “D” and I don't want to cause it would be my 2 one and sometimes I think I would be much better off with out him in my life plus I know he hides things from me but he wants me to be up front with him and there are times when I hear him on the phone and talking to someone and he is telling them a straight up lie and when he hangs up I say to him Oh my gosh you just lied to them and he said it was a little lie and I said a lie is a lie no little to it and then he tries his best to get himself out of it then were arguing about that then I say I'm not talking anymore to you so then I stop talking then he trys to keep it going but I don't, Oh my gosh when ever I'm talking to anyone well I only have a few friends to chat with he can be so rude & but right in and start chatting with who ever I'm talking to like just take over the chatting and when I tell him how rude he is beinging he says oh hell no your the one being rude that he was talking to them not me & he gets very upset when I go to my moms or even to his sisters house and visit with them and yeah sometimes I think his sister is putting on a very good act just for me, my best friend says she can tell that she is by the way I was telling her things and when his nephew came down 1 weekend he was so disrespectfull to me I told my loved one and he didn't do or say anything to his nephew at all and I said “well I don't have to tell you what I do inside my home” and then the nephew said its not your home it's my uncles and always will be, your just living here with him & I said nop thats where your so so wrong we are married and thats all I need to say to you then when he went back out side I went into the bathroom and cried my eyes out and I also came so close to getting into the car and just leaving but I didn't, well since back in Feb; sometime I was driving my car and I was sitting at a light and the motor just started making a noise so I called my spouse and he came and got me and my daughter and he listened to the motor for just a very short bit and guess what he blamed that on me too I'm not a mechanic I said to him and since then it's been just sitting in the driveway go figure and I'm not working and have been looking for a job for a long long time, also he is such a hypocrite he quit smoking many many years ago and I smoke and a few of his friends smoke and when he is around them he like my gosh get away from me and then I happen to say Oh my gosh, you used to smoke so get over it or move we shouldn't need to move, also sometimes I think to myself that I really don't know him at times cause a while ago he has been drinking coffee and when we met he didn't drink the stuff and for the past 8 months or so he has been but I refuse to have a coffee maker in the house we have tea maker but I refuse to have the coffee thing no way I can't take the smell of it at all makes me gag, well till next time there will be more ok, if you want to leave comments go right ahead I will be reading them cause I want to know what you all think ok.             

May 17, 2012 at 8:53 pm

My suggestion: take a grammer class that teaches you how to write a complete sentence and then try writing this again so normal people can read it.

May 29, 2012 at 6:11 am

sometimes just getting it out helps so i hope you feel a little better. Ive been married for 21 years and am very happy but at times we all feel we are not the most important person in a relationship just treat yourself every now and then and aways do the best for your child a try to keep your friends i have a good mate from high school i can aways talk to and that helps no end. hope all goes well.

July 14, 2012 at 4:50 am

dear, hope u did not give the first comment any thought, i am not married but i feel ur pain and i hope by this time things are a bit better!

much love