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October 1, 2013 at 3:38 pm

My mom has a personality disorder and my brother has asperger's.  My mom has the need to be the center of attention and will do/say anything to get attention.  She has faked a panic attack, an asthma attack, a low blood sugar episode, and fainting.  She's a nurse so she knows how to pull it off pretty well.  And she LOVES the reactions she gets from people.  She likes to tell people outside the family about family member issues just so she can get their sympathy.  She really wants to be close to her grandchildren and has even gone so far as to tell the grandkids bad things about their parents in the hopes that she will be the grandkids' favorite person.  She did this to me growing up, except she was telling me things about my grandmother so I would hate her.  I believed her until when I was a teenager I started catching my mom in multiple lies and saw that she had been making so many stories up just to get attention.  When people confront her in her lies she denies the lie and may even go into a “panic attack”.  

My brother is highly functioning, has a wife and 2 step-kids, which at first glance doesn't seem bad, but his wife also has asperger's.  Bad combo.  They moved into my grandmother's double-wide when she moved in with her new husband a few years ago (both were widowed).  The deal was they would pay half the mortgage, the phone bill, and they're trash bill.  My grandmother would pay the rest.  Well, that all went to shit.  My brother and his wife are REALLY into ICP and will spends gobs of money going to concerts but not pay any of their bills.  They keep the kids inside all day (in their rooms), not allowing them to leave the house, not even to play in the yard.  They keep the windows covered up with blankets.  Both of the kids have issues.  Bad ones.  They witnessed their bio dad kill himself.  The girl, 13, has emotional issues and is very socially awkward. The boy, 7, has developmental delays, speech delays, and social delays.  Just recently, following the death of my grandmother's husband, she had to ask my brother and his family to leave her house so she could move back in.  She gave them 30 days.  She reminded them 2 weeks out.  Then she had to physically move them out because they hadn't moved.  They had to move in with my mom.  My grandmother's house is DESTROYED!  The insides of both toilets were BLACK, the carpet in every room ripped and stained.  Holes in the walls, a destroyed bathroom sink, and more.  They'd been having the kids living in one room and had a friend living with them.  My grandmother didn't know this.  They also hadn't been paying ANY bills so my grandmother has to pay everything and fix her house.  My brother isn't working and his wife works at McDonalds.

I'm in another state, married and have a baby girl.  I can't do anything to help my grandmother and my mom is refusing to help her.  I don't really know what to do.  There's much more to this story but I hear my baby girl has woken from her nap and I gotta go.