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May 8, 2014 at 3:19 am

I dont know what is wrong with me as I constantly worry about what boys think of me. Like the other day, a random boy came over and started taking to me and I right away I was thinking ‘how is my hair, is there anything stuck in my teeth, I wish i wore different clothes’ during him trying to talk to me and so I wasnt even listening to him. God I am stupid!!!!

May 12, 2014 at 11:07 am

You are not stupid, please do not think you are. I can relate to you because when I was younger, from age 12 until I reached 11th grade, I always wondered why i felt like i needed to look my absolute best when a guy was talking to me. I’d retouch my make up constantly, I’d do my hair, I ‘d wear perfume, I’d always want new clothes, etc. It wasn’t until I had my heart broken by a guy in highschool did i realize, it didn’t matter how good i looked, he was still not interested in me. All the time is spent physically trying to enhance myself did not pay off and i realized that i should have spent that bettering myself from within. it is completely okay to want to look better, but to always feel like you need to look your best in order for a guy to be interested is not true. You are paranoid about your appearance because you are insecure. i was the same way. I bet you are beautiful and only you think you are not, even though people say it to you. I remember when i was 21, my boyfriend first saw me when i was at work and i looked average, not too much makeup, my hair down and he looked at me and smiled and said hello. We have been together for 3 years. he told me when he first saw me he was taken back by how beautiful i was. i blushed but see what i mean. you may think you need all this makeup and stuff but one day a guy will love you for more than just the outside. He also told me he loved how friendly i was even though i was so beautiful, he said he always thought girls who were hot were bitches, i laughed and said well the girls who do not know they are hot are not bitches lol. I do not consider myself hot at all. But he does and he said he fell in love with how warm hearted and friendly i am, and the hotness is a plus lol. Neway girl i know what you mean, next time a guy approaches you, just smile and see how it goes. do not worry about your appearance, clearly if you looked that bad then they guy wouldnt approach you lol. we are all uniquely beautiful in our own way.