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May 14, 2014 at 6:37 am

My boyfriend is 24 and he loves video games, I do too, we sometimes play together. Sometimes when he is playing his games, we often hear little kids, I’m serious like maybe 10 years old playing it too, we have to mute it because first off its annoying and secondly it’s a little kid playing a R rated game? Where are their parents? Why do they allow that. Also it honestly makes the experience a bad one for my boyfriend when he is trying to enjoy his game and all he hears is a kid the whole time. I absolutely think it’s a bad thing, I have already told my boyfriend that our future kids WILL NOT play games like that until they are at least 16 or 17, I do not care who is playing them and that they really want to play. I think it’s wrong to be subjected to those kinds of things at such a young age. Even my boyfriends nephews play games like that and although i  can’t do anything or say anything, it bothers me. For Christmas they even asked for a R Rated game and my boyfriend said you are too young for it, But his brother (the kids Father) said it was ok, he allows his kids to play those games? One is 10 and the other is 15. Ok well he got parental permission which was still not ok to subject them to it but my boyfriend agreed to buy it for xmas because his brother said it was ok. I refused to pay partially for it, I said I know you said its ok but im not comfortable buying a game that has extreme violence, gore, and sexual content for a 10 year old. of course it annoyed them but like i said if they absolutely allow it that is fine by me as long as im not in any way involved which means using my money to pay. neways back to the kids… Also why do some kids play video games the whole day and do nothing else? When we go to his brothers house, his sons are playing video games ALL THE TIME!! I mean teach your kids… Other wise they will be men who play video games all day long. they dont even clean their rooms, their rooms are so dirty and messy. I will be damned if my kids play video games all day long and not do their chores. My momma taught me at a young age how to clean up after myself. I clean everyday and it kills me to go to a persons house where the woman is doing all the chores and her kids are slobs at age 15… Neways back to games, like that game God of War, We all know that game is not for people under the age of 18. yet i am certain kids play it. its annoying, parents please realize that there is a reason your kids should not play those games yet. its common sense. I heard the stupidest reason for why a parent allowed his kids to play r rated games,, he said he wanted his kid to learn the real world.. i laughed. You want your kid to learn the real world???? GET THE FUCK UP, TURN THAT VIDEO GAME OFF, SIT DOWN WITH YOUR KIDS, AND TEACH THEM!!!!!! i mean who is with me? I say wait at least 16 to play those extreme video games and don’t allow your kids to play all day long…

May 18, 2014 at 2:02 am

I think it is down to laziness as it’s easier to give their children what they want than to be an actual parent and give them boundaries. They then just push any bad behaviour to their kids by saying ‘well, they’re just naughty’. I think it’s pathetic and god help their kids when they become ‘adults’. Also, a lot of parents just expect their children to just ‘fit in’ to whatever they want to do no matter how inappropriate! In the paper the other day a mother complained that she wasn’t allowed to take her 10week old baby to see the movie ‘Bad Neighbors’! I mean really? Why would you take a child of that age to a loud cinema! So selfish and completely ignorant!!

May 21, 2014 at 10:47 am

Look i am all about making children’s lives fun and filled with joy, but to say your kid at age 10 can play a game where they chop off heads and limbs and blood everywhere and also sexual content… I mean you want your kid to learn the real world but not that way. the world might be a tough place but you dont see a character with huge swords going throughout the neighborhood and chopping off peoples heads and shit, that is not the real world to me. I say if you raise you kids right, they will be good and responsible adults. Too many people think their kids can play gore filled games and turn out just fine. maybe they will maybe they wont. Just saying. My kids can play games but those types of games will not enter my house until they are of age. I told my boyfriend even he needs to be responsible when we have kids to give up those types of games or play them in a different room so they kids will not see them. I know what people are thinking, that is stupid. well let me say this, ALL my boy cousins played those types of games at a very young age. Let me tell you, they are in their teens and early adults right now and they curse all the time, couple of them do bad in school, get suspended, involved in bad things, out all night and day, I mean they are not responsible. So my thing is when your kids play those types of games all day long, until they are older of course it will influence bad behavior. they will know nothing of the true real world, nothing about responsibility, nothing about taking care  of themselves, nothing at all except how to kill the enemy on the other team or chop off a head all day long. Parents need to do a better job. I will not be like them, I have seen too many f**** up kids to let mine turn out that way. I remember my lil cousin when he was 2 years old, started saying bitch to me, I didnt get offended because he was a kid but i did get offended when my older cousin was the one teaching it to him.. I mean he is not even a kid yet and he is cursing, he doesnt even know what the word means and he was calling me a Bitch. It blew my mind that people actually think its cool to teach their kids stuff like that. my kids will be punished if they say curse words believe me.

May 21, 2014 at 11:06 am

OMG I just read the article. I wish i was there! I would have handed that woman her ass for taking a tiny baby to a place like that. first of all movie  theaters are not too clean for a tiny baby, a baby that young needs feeding, changing and that sort of thing and too be in a movie theater for a few hours with a small baby…. not a good idea. Another thing is she could be disrupting people who paid to see the movie. Crying babies at movies, I’ve experienced before. I remember when I went to see Star Trek Into Darkness with my boyfriend, It was one of the worst experiences at a movie theater i ever had, loud people, laughing at inappropriate times and kids whining and crying. How kids were allowed in there is beyond me. even when we went to see Hellboy 2, i felt it was too much for a kid to be allowed to see it, but oh well. That mother who took her 11 week old baby to a movie is stupid.