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April 24, 2014 at 6:31 pm

I have heard this for so long that pit bulls are dangerous and kill people for no reason. Well my thing is that people misunderstand pit bulls. sure they can be dangerous, any dog can, but when treated like most of them are treated then yes i believe it is more likely to bite or attack based on the background of its up bringing. I knew a person who had two german shepherds and one attacked her, she said it was for no reason. I told her there must to a reason, i dont think dogs just attack for no reason. even if it wasnt your fault, there was a reason he attacked you. then i found out that the german shepherds were hardly ever exercised and became destructive and aggressive. She had a working breed of dog but never worked them. so i believe pit bulls attack because of the way people raise them. they are not born or breed to kill humans, i think its crazy when people say that. I got chased alot by my neighbors retriever mix when i was a kid but i dont hate the whole breed just because of it. I personally think alot of people BABY their pets like Chihuahuas and they become so yappy and hyper and none social. I think humans are the root problem, but they wanna blame an animal. dogs are man made and yet they get blamed for whatever happens when humans raise them poorly. I think people should take classes to learn how to care for animals. they are doing it wrong. its not a baby, its an animal… also i really hate when people say we need to kill the entire breed of dog because of a few incidents, if that was the case then why are they excluding german shepherds, rotties, dobermans, mastiffs, and all the other breeds i know for a fact have either bitten someone or killed someone…. My neighbors Chihuahua is so crazy, he runs out whenever she opens the door, he barks at your feet, shows his teeth, growls, and chases people… if given the chance he would seriously bite someone, but just because of the size its looked past, i think a chi can kill a baby.. but a pit bites someone and he is put down, i even heard of a Chow Chow who bite someone and it was perfectly fine. as soon as a pit does it, he is put down. its ignorance to me, people do the same thing to eachother. its like saying all middle easterns are terrorists, all whites are trashy, all blacks are convicts or robbers, and so on… ridiculous in my opinion. who knew humans would eventually discriminate types of dogs too? sad world we live in.