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May 23, 2009 at 3:28 am

It's their belief that homosexuals should not be clergy, so why are they trying to change it? Why do they not pick on other religions like Islam? It's because the Christian faith is easy to pick on – and you have the freedom to do so because the countries where you can complain are countries that have been built on the Christian Faith? Try to do the same in Iraq and see how far you go!! If the Christian faith does not believe in homosexuality then for fk sake pick another on!! Or make up your own!!

August 24, 2010 at 11:12 pm

yes that is muslim i know..&what you mean by pick on lolz. but its jewish, muslim as well as christian “belief”(as we all follw the same ten commands and worshp the same god so in basic our beliefs and ideaoligites are the same) to uhhh idk the word mmm to “denounce”? homosexuality? lolz that may be the wrong word but i thnk yu get wat i mean. i mean no homosexual or any1 deserves ill treatment like that but it is against religion just as fornication , adultry..etc. those types of immorral things. like for excample like i said they dnt deserve ill treatment(being beatn n what not) but youd never see me at a gay pride parade. not that i ve anything against them but its immoral and im religious..its kinda like if i went der id might as well go to a fornication parade and adultures parede lolz yu see wat i mean nw? dnt matter how nice they are, that is immoral by religious standards..i wouldnt go to a satans worshippers pride parade. u know..&by the way they wouldnt get treated that bad in “the muslim world” so dnt generalize plz. depends where yu at. depends more on culture than religion. like india they have enuches but thts nt mostly muslim theyre mostly hindu. jus sayin every religion , every culture has sum gays. &at times in all they get miss treated. but that has to do with the person themselve, not religion, they just use that as a justification if they illy treat a homo. but yur rite like in mmmm iraq wouldnt be so bad actually but like africa..jamaica(they kut a gay mans penis off n fed it to em)nonmuslim ppl did this by the way)although lot jamaicans are muslim). see homosexualls have to realize not to generalize. especially with sum1s religion. koz the reality is the way sum1 react to a homo is kuz of how they are themselves or the culture. kuz like i said all of the abrahamic religious followers(jews, muslims, christians) hve the same beliefs..mmm well at least wen it comes to this. so to generalize all of “us” as homo beaters or how ever theyre “picking on christians” is very unfair. koz hello, its not all gays and non religious ppl at those gay pride parades. sum of der support comes from christians as well as sum jews n muslims. but they most likely had sum hardship with that and being homosexual is not mans natural order so that in its self i thnk would hve the on defence allready. but they obviosly say wat ev they say to you out of frustration , anger , and ingnorance actually. kuz wouldnt every homo be beatn or dead if it was every religious persons “duity” to miss treat them? lolz exactly. so brush it off. they thnk wat they want. as long as yu kno who yu r dnt wrry. i dont

July 22, 2011 at 11:57 am

B/c in the current American society it’s cool to beat up on Christians for anything. Remember a few years ago when Madonna and Britney and all of Hollywood turned Kabbalah for five minutes? Any religion BUT Christianity is celebrated by the main stream media and Hollywood. So, everyone can “safely” target it these days.