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September 12, 2013 at 1:40 pm

Am I stupid for thinking that in most marriages both the man and woman are listed on the bills? On the lease? Am I stupid for thinking that they typically have at least ONE joint bank account, even if they have seperate ones as well?


Tell me why, after being together for four years, married for one, and having a son together….why am I not listed on the lease for the home we rent? Why is my name not listed on a single bill? Why do I have ZERO knowledge of how much each bill is a month or when the bill is even paid? Why do I hand my husband money for “bills and rent” instead of sharing a joint bank account? Why do I have no clue how much money he has in his account? Why does he have total access to all our phone records, but I have been denied access everytime I ask? Why is he allowed to go out and drink on weekends (and stay out till 8am) but I'm not even allowed to go dog sit my sister puppy while she goes to the fair for a few hours? Why is our home computer have a login password that I am not allowed to know (meaning if I need to use it, I have to ask him to log in, and turn my back while he does so)? If I want to do anything, I have to ask him. But he doesn't feel the need to ask me when he ups and leaves with our son without giving me any clue where hes going. His fb is set up so anyone who is not a friend does not see he is married. and he has no pictures of me at all. (basically, if his ex looks him up, he looks totally single). Is it wrong of me to be mad? To want to scream and throw a pillow at his stupid face? Sometimes I feel like a roommate, paying him freaking rent money. but I started to think today, and he kind of treats me like a daughter! (I'm 5 years younger than him). I have to ask permission to do anything and everything and he even has the nerve to tell me to refer to him as “daddy.”  I am sick of this!!!!! Am I wrong for wanting better??? Is there any way that maybe this is normal and I am asking too much of him? Ugh….