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May 14, 2012 at 3:54 pm

Well I am a recent college grad, working 50 hrs a week, just trying to save money. I have a poor relationship with my dad because I have never been good enough for him, good grades and balancing a job and sports apparently is just not good enough. I don't drink or smoke or do anything but work and spend time with my boyfriend. My parents threaten to kick me out because even though others in my small town say I'm such a nice, respectable, young person, my parents claim they don't know the real me. My boyfriend and I are trying to save money for a house before they really do throw me out.

Yesterday was mothers day and I got into a fight with my mom because I told her I was mad that I always feel left out by my family. True story I wasn't asked to eat breakfast with my parents one morning, at my house, because my dad said I just ruin things, apparently; because all I do is make sure that my sister has the best show pigs I can get her, and I'm the one taking care of them…but that will change soon.

I'm a 20 yr old, trapped by my physically and verbally abusive parents. Oh ya they hit me twice on mothers day, when we were fighting, some parents huh?