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September 30, 2011 at 11:00 am

To my co-workers, I know you feel that I am a slacker who doesn't do his job.  It is not my fault that most of my work is so extremely easy and boring for me that I don't need to be working on it all day long.  As for the work that isn't easy sometimes in order to solve a problem you have to step away from it. 


To my bosses, I am well aware of the fact that you have stopped listening to me.  I have been in the meetings where you ignore what I say or tell me don't understand just to watch you both understand and praise someone else you tells you the exact same thing I said.  Funny how my words are gibberish and someone else's words are clear as day.  I don't think I spontaneously started speaking another language but I don't know that for sure I'm not really on your end of the conversation.  I am well aware that the person just hired to be my backup is intended to be my replacement (i haven't needed a backup in 7 years to try and slip this by me is insulting to say the least.).


To my friends,  I realize that most if not all of you think your smarter than me.  Quite a few of you are and aren't rude about it so this isn't for you.  Who this rant is about is the ones who think that because I haven't accomplished as much as they have or think that because some things are hard for me to grasp that Im a complete idiot.  I know you think I am a complete idiot, hell I know that there are plenty of jokes out there at my expense.  While I am not vain enough to think that you talk about me a lot I am aware that an insulting comment may be made once or twice when Im not there.  I am also smart enough to know when you make an insulting joke about me in front of me (you really do suck at hiding you comments).

In short yes I am aware and yes I know when you insult me.  Its not that I am too stupid to know when I am being insulted its just that if I say anything or react in any way what good is that gonna do.  At most it make you feel that its okay to bring it out in the open and no longer have to “hide” your comments and jokes.  At the least I will get some bullshit denial.  So really I am left with no other action then to ignore it.