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December 7, 2017 at 7:16 pm

My friend had dog problems today.  Her grandparents dogs (Amiee and Lucy) got into a fight and her grandmother got 20 puncture wounds.  She went to the doctor and told them what happened.  The doctor called animal control and took away Lucy (the one that started the fight,) and aren’t gonna give her back for four days!  The thing is Amiee started their last fight and Lucy was trying to finish it.  Then their grandparents other dog couldn’t move his back legs (the dogs name was sparky and he was 91 dog years) so they put the poor thing down!  Animal control  did the following:  KNOCKED DOWN THEIR DOOR, LEASHED THE DOG,  CHAINED IT UP, THREW IT IN A CAGE, THREW THE CAGE IN A CAR, DROVE AWAY!!! WTH??!