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January 10, 2017 at 5:57 pm

<p style=”text-align: center;”>Just a little information about this woman. She does this thing where she lies about anything. Makes up stories about her life and things she does in her day. She is very hateful and ignorant always saying racist remarks (hates Mexicans,black people,Islamic,and just everything) always complaining.  She makes comments and remarks that I literally have to block out because I love my boyfriend and respect but damn it gets hard because she says horribly incorrect things (nothing worse than dumb people that swear they’re intelligent). Lastly, she is paranoid!! She says she used to be a private investigator and involved with finding the terrorist of 9/11 and the government is after her!  Because of that my boyfriend’s childhood was unhealthy and toxic but he still wants to take care of her even though she does something stupid every now and then. Today was my boiling point. I have a 8month baby and I reluctantly let her spend time with her. Today I stepped out for literally ONE HOUR.
I come home…
I open the door…
All I see are 3 cops, 3 GUNS and my baby girl.
My heart stopped, my stomach turned!!!
This moron posted on a facebook page affiliated with the police and homeland security. She always posts rambling, irrelevant, illogical things on Facebook but this time it attracted police to our house. She was just sitting there with my baby on her lap and 3 cops surrounding them. So I keep my composure (for the moment) and get my daughter and go outside. One of the investigators come out to speak with me asking if I knew about what the monster in law wrote. I said, ” No, well yeah but I don’t think much of it..i mean..i don’t know.” The investigator says,”So her son is your husband?” I say, “yes” while my baby girl is wiggling and restless on my lap. She replied,” Well she said he hates cops”. At this point I was speechless. She proceeded to pull out a packet with my Mother in law’s Pic and information and I skimmed thru the essay she wrote and it was insane. She wrote stuff serious enough to have cops at our HOUSE!!! All I could say is…”I need to make a call”.
I go to the room and call my boyfriend I say firmly,”We need to move out, your mom has 3 cops in the living room and the cop asked me if she’s crazy. This doesn’t look good especially with a baby. I want to smack her.”
My boyfriend was in disbelief when he realized it wasn’t a joke he says, “You came home to that?”.  I gave the phone to the cop but then I snapped!!! I looked at her and told her, “shut the f@#k up!!!”.
I know it wasn’t smart, impulsive and harsh but dammit it was a build up. I was so pissed. They wanted so much information about my boyfriend. And I was enraged my daughter was surrounded by 3 guns!!!
My mother in law looked insane and racist against islamic people and a liar…basically a crazy person around a kid. And my outburst didn’t help.
In my eyes I see cops as people and I clearly expressed my discomfort with their presence. This situation could’ve gone realllllly BAD. I’m staying with family out of town for a couple days to cool off. But my daughter will not be left alone with her AGAIN. Rant over.</p>