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    I don’t plan to post regularly in the sense that I come here to vent. I just need to get it out of my system once. This site is especially useful to me at a time that I am planning to take a trip and might never come back (unless is for visits, but that would have to be an extraordinary occasion.) Because I’m not cold hearted, I naturally have…[Read more]

    • Oh I forgot to mention that if I want to vent, I should just get therapy. However, they can vent all they want with me.

    • 22. they think your constructive criticism is because you think you are a big shot and want things only for personal gain.
      23. they think you do favors only for $ when you are simply unemployed and they are asking for WAY too much.
      24. They think people lack morals for things like watching pornography without understanding people’s psychology.…[Read more]

      • what I mean by personal gain in # 22, it was about a volunteer organization that did things not for profit but to help people, so they had a huge fear of people only doing things for personal gain even though they are clearly the ones who thought they were the big shots and simply projected their fears, insecurities, frustrations etc on to me.

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