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K1dz, itz tym 4 d1na! | I Need to Vent!
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K1dz, itz tym 4 d1na!

What is up with the youth of day? I have a 14 year old daughter that just does not listen to me anymore. Whenever I speak to her I just get that ‘watching tv’ blank star and not so much as a hint of any cognitive action. In fact I find it more effective if I just sent her a TXT message, IM them, or send them a Facebook update. I was under the impression that buying her a phone would be a safe guard in case she needed to contact me directly for any reason, but it has totally back fired – ironically her brain only kicks into gear if I threaten to take the phone off her. The phone bill last month was a whopping $150 so in effect I am paying this huge amount for her indifference which pangs me no end. The other night, and it is not a once off as it has happened many times before, I prepared dinner and walked up to my daughters room, banged on her door and said dinner was ready – no response – did it again – no response. It was only when I sent her a TXT message she came out of her room. I also tried updating her Facebook and her friends just egged her on and made a joke about it. Believe me it is NO joke! Why has our relationship ended up this way? When did our mother/daughter chats descend into binary?


    • I agree
      Also restrict her computer use. If she has it in her room take it out. there will be moaning but it will be for the better

  2. For every time she doesn't answer you when you physically talk to or try to engage her, refuse to pay $1 on her cell phone/internet bill.

    If all else fails, cut her off from the phone and computer entirely until she remembers what normal human interaction is.

  3. I wanted this domain name, so i entered it as a website address to which is how i stumbled on this. Im glad i did. I have the same with my 13 year old when i too have resorted to Facebook and texts as a form of communication do the the teenage "parent blackout".
    But $150 phone bill that you pay?!?!?!! Basically you are paying to talk to her while she's in the room above you.

  4. To be honest, Penny, it seems that your problem is not "the youth of day", as you put it. It's your parenting.

    If your daughter's use of her phone/Facebook is unhealthy, you need to be assertive and take it from her. Empty threats will only cause more problems.

  5. You say you don't know where your relationship went wrong? texting? facebook? Those only add to your declining relationship. Take the phone and computer away both of you! Then actually go out and do something together!

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