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    Cyinthia posted an update 1 year, 7 months ago

    I am no angel, but I can say I am a good person. I feed my cats before I eat, i buy foods for street cats, i pet dogs and say hello to them all the time and feed them too! i even gave my last money off to beggars on the street even if I was told they are actually scams. I got cheated on, betrayed and fucked over by my ex, my former friends and shit, i had to go to college w my former bitch of a friend and tolerate her presence there. and I’d do anything for my little circle of friends. I am legit a good person overall, i may make mistakes, but when it comes to being fucked over, I am the one being fucked over. ALL I ASK IS FOR MY CRUSH TO ASK ME OUT, AND REPLY MY DAMN TEXTS. Being ghosted burns man, you thought everything was going good then BAM, they just retreat! WHAT THE FUCK DID I EVER DO TO DESERVE THIS TREATMENT? WHAT? I have been burned so much, yet i still give as much as I can, and still. Ghosting sucks, nobody should ever deserve it, it breaks self esteem. Please just don’t be that person.