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    So, I am a sophomore in high school with overbearing parents, all they want me to do is graduate but I don’t have the mental compatability to. Other than that, I just want to use my life to help animals, nothing else. Particularly small animals and rodents, since they’re so poorly treated in general. I rescued my girl Pip (an african pygmy hedgehog) from horrendous conditions. She is about the size of a softball, and she was in a 10 gallon goldfish tank with nothing but a food and water dish. No space to roam what so ever, she also had a massive absess on her side, as well as a horrible ear infection. Her nails were overgrown and apparently she was given to a six year old as a birthday present, the man selling her admitted this. It made my blood boil, it took everything in me to not go off on him and not pay the fee. But I payed, she’s in loving arms now. I love her to death, honestly she’s the sweetest hedgehog anyone could wish to have. I can’t believe someone could do that to such a sweet and loving animal, but they did. She’s what sparked my love for rescuing small animals in particular, and after doing research I had found out how common these things really are. I rescued two chinchillas as well, they’re mischevious to say the least. They were also in horrible conditions, sadly they were on wire flooring. Anyway this is all I want to do, help animals in these situations. But my parents are forcing me to graduate.