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    Arc posted an update 1 year, 6 months ago

    It feels as if the heat is high and the pressure us on. I feel it from many different sides, each of them having their own little parts that make up the whole, With academics, it’s specific teachers and just the work in general (coasting through senior year my ass). I feel it socially with friends becoming former friends, helping friends sort of “combat” former friends; pondering on the realization that these people once meant something completely different to me only months ago. Family pressure is…..I feel that shit…. I can feel it, I loathe the fact that she’s going through this and it’s pretty much all her fault; I’ve come to terms with mother, but my sister?…..no. There is one good thing right now though; right now…..in this very moment, I’m motivated. Motivated not to care about outside people, motivated to do my work, motivated to start working out, just………motivated. I haven’t felt like this lately, it’s liberating to feel weightless like all your problems are manageable. Perhaps this is a sign…..maybe feeling like this will become more frequent; I would say “I hope it does” but that would be implying that I have no control in the matter. You know what……I think I’ve figured out why this feeling is so prominent right now 🙂