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    Arc posted an update 1 year, 4 months ago

    UUUuuuugh fuck everyone, get the fuck out my face with the same stupid ass shit. Just get THE FUCK OUT OF MY FACE, fuck you. I’m so beyond sick of school like….but oh yea my problems don’t matter in comparison to the more needy right? my problems don’t matter because I’m just a teenager who pays no bills right? again, fuck you. There are fuckers out there who are needier and less privileged than you and I’m pretty sure even you find points in your life worth complaining about. So shut the fuck up, my problems may not be comparable to other peoples but they’re mine. Just, fuck everything….expect her. Sigh. I’m so sick of feeling this way. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. I wanna go, I keep thinking that for people to get better that they just need to get out of this place, but I never think about that for myself?……I’m really trying not to become one of those people who’s like “fuck everyone”, but I’m starting to see why and how difficult it is to not too. I’m really trying not to need someone to be happy but loneliness lingers over me AND BOARDEM oh god boardem……I think I’m lonely because I’m board, but what is there to do? besides the sick I’m “supposed” to do. “what’s new, Arc?”, mugh, whatever.