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    Female companionship, I miss that. All I think about 24/7 are girls…girls, and sex. I really miss having a girl I could call “mine” and do stuff with. I feel like I have no company and any girl I may have interest in is far out of reach. Shit, It feels like I have an interest in all girls. But that’s so…ugh. I just want my mind to chill. I mean I’m trying to focus on other stuff but it’s like there IS nothing else. All I do is school, practice, home, work. Practice is really the only thing I have a genuine interest in anymore. Again, still, I’m lonely and bored :-/. I really don’t like the sound of that, makes it sound like I NEED someone to be entertained when I shouldn’t. Also, It’s getting real annoying how it seems no one ever has any interest in listening to me speak for a long period of time. Yea they laugh at my short witty responses and or listen to my short comments, but damn. I’m always so ready and willing to listen to other people, but why not me. Not all the topics you talk about are particularly interesting or are just repetitive, but I still listen. But no that same respect can’t be shown back right. I am a King and I will live my life believing so, even when it’s hard to. Reading those comments on the back of that city year paper really reminds me of WHO I AM and who I need to stay. I’m very glad I had that to ground me after so long 🙂 thank you guys so much; I will never ever forget you. One last thing, I think I’m on to a thought here….what good qualities did my last relationship have besides great sex? Now the relationship wasn’t horrible by any means but……Hmmmmm. I’ll have to thi- no, Why should I spend my time thinking on this, I need to just give it a conclusion and move on