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    Arc posted an update 1 year, 4 months ago

    I should vent good stuff on here besides just bad stuff….makes it seem like I only have bad moments. Well, it feels like everything is crashing down on me in this moment, “if she likes me so much why am I being left on read”, “the fuck is praying supposed to do?”, “really? right when I find something that’s boosting me up?”, “why the fuck you gotta be so damn difficult for no reason”. Whatever, what the hell ever. Why do bad feelings always feel like that’s all there has ever been? Like, I’m not happy at this moment, and it feels like I’ve never been happy…..but that’s obviously not true. I think it’s just from the crap hitting me all at once. Ugh I think I’m gonna just go think/hide under my covers. Ain’t much else to do….mugh.